Somang Glass Co., Ltd.

We are No.1 glass factory with the best glass bottle
technology in Korea.

It boasts the best technology based on 30 years of history.

We are one of the best glassware factories in Korea.

With the Best Quality and Soul

We make products with the craftsmanship of history and tradition.
With 100% flawless inspection, we produce the best quality.

We will supply only high-quality products.
Currently, we are in charge of delivery to many outstanding domestic and foreign companies, and we are focusing on developing new technologies to produce and manufacture various products based on quality-first principles.

Somang Glass is constantly researching and working on the quality goal of satisfying our customers.

We will do our best to become a company that will lead the same industry by continuously improving quality, reducing cost, and making customer complaints ZERO.

As we operate the nation's first and largest manual and second manufacturing plants, we have customized production lines with your (small and large-scale production), and we always put customer satisfaction first and thank you for coming to Somang Glass, and we ask for more guidance.

Choi Seung Ho

CEO at Somang Glass


It exists to capture the faith of everyone who wishes to be beautiful.

Our hope is to create a world where everyone lives beautiful and healthy.


Somang Glass Core Value.


We must know what we have to do and do our best, and the community must be able to fulfill its social responsibilities to ensure that people and the environment coexist harmoniously.


To make an appointment with a customer, we are creating a community that our members can be satisfied with. It must be an honest company that keeps the promises of our members.


When we can respect and care about ourselves, we can care about our environment. We need to create a corporate culture that respects the diversity of all our members and enables self-realization through open thinking.


Passion and challenge are our future. It should be the cradle of talented people who dream of differentiated challenges and changes and work hard to improve the value of their customers' lives.

Management Philosophy

We will continue to communicate with our customers through innovation and change to become a global-based company. We will create maximum value and value for our customers, shareholders, and members, and become a company that lives with social responsibility and community.


Somang Glass Co., Ltd. has the first manual line and automatic line in Korea. We has developed into the best glass factory.




Convert to a Corporate


3 ton Glass Furnace


5 ton Glass Furnace


Established second factory

55 ton Glass Furnace


2nd plant operation

Our Clients

Not only domestic but also overseas large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are our customers.